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Laboratory for High Energy Physics


National e-Infrastructure Link - NeI-CH

NeI-CH is the the Swiss national e-Infrastructure Link towards the European e-Infrastructure EGI. It is operated by AEC-LHEP on a mandate from SwiNG which is owned by the majority of Swiss universities.

National Services

- National authority for eScience certificates.
- National central operation of Swiss sites in EGI.
- National eInfrastructure link (NeI-CH) to the European Grid
  and federated cloud infrastructure (EGI.eu). SITS provides
  the Swiss council representation and central operations for
  Swiss parts of the infrastructure.

  The national services are supported by swissuniversitites.


- Sigve Haug (manager)
- Gianfranco Sciacca (deputy manager, central operator)

Project Partners

University of Bern, University of Geneva, PSI, SwiNG, CSCS.

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