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SITS (Science IT Support) offers support to researchers and research projects beyond central IT helpdesk level, either by providing in-house expertise or links to expertise on the national or international level. In particular it is a node in the national network of science IT support teams. SITS also provides country-wide services.

Support and Resource Access

- Depending on your task there are various levels of resources
  available. For larger projects custom made computing   models and workflows may be needed.
- For support requests please use sits.lhep@lists.unibe.ch.

National Services

- National authority for eScience certificates.
- National central operation of Swiss sites in EGI
- National eInfrastructure link (NeI-CH) to the European Grid
  and federated cloud infrastructure (EGI.eu). SITS provides
  the Swiss council representation and central operations for
  Swiss parts of the infrastructure.

  The national services are supported by swissuniversitites.


On request SITS may offer training on usage of the resources.

Contact and Team

- Sigve Haug (coordinator)
- Gianfranco Sciacca (LHEP)
- Hang Liu (ITP)
- Gaetano Borrini (SPACE)
- Rene Bleisch (CLIMATE)
- Jeremy Singh (system administrator)

Email: sits.lhep@lists.unibe.ch. Team meets on demand in B52 (Exakte Wissenschaften).

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